I'm 26 years old, married to a man I don't deserve and mommy to the most beautiful little boy in the world. I follow and love Jesus Christ with all I am. He is the motivation behind everything I do.

I love the beach, Lord of the Rings, camping, cannolis...I could go on but I'll put more below in case you just HAVE to know more about me! 

I've been in love with photography my whole life, fascinated with capturing emotion, nature, light everything. I am in my element when behind my camera. I absolutely love what I get to call my "job". 

If I had a favorite type of shoot, it would definitely be weddings. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING gets me pumped like seeing two people, in love, joined together for the rest of their lives. I literally leave weddings so hyped and excited to see all the photos I've captured because every single wedding is different, every couple, every story etc. 

I truly love being married (to Jon Meo for 7 years yo!) and I hope my joy over my own marriage spreads to all my clients as I capture your day. It's such a special day, so sacred and blessed.

I would be so stoked to be your photographer on your day!

Psalm 37:4



More about me!


My family is everything to me. My husband, Jon, is my best friend and we have the most beautiful son in the world (#notbiased) Jadon. He is the light of our lives and brings so much fun to our very hardworking lives. Jon & I both have very entrepreneurial mindsets, he has a rental property/house flipping business and I have my photog biz. And together God put before us the vision for our ministry Incurrent the people there are more than friends, they are family to us. Jon is the pastor and worship leader over the service and every week feels like coming home. Our faith is what holds all this together. God brought Jon 750 miles from New York to a small little church in the middle of nowhere Tennessee with nothing but a car, guitar and some clothes and now over 11 years later here we are. We are richly blessed. 

I LOVE the beach, Barberitos (think Chipotle but better, and no salmonella! +1 ), GTs Trilogy Kombucha, my gym, giant earrings, long hair, braids and SHOES so many shoes.. I am a J.R.R Tolkien book nerd, I watch survival youtube vids and Good Mythical Morning in my spare time... I hate doing dishes and most all things which pertain to being a cute, good little housewife..of which I am not. But Jon only married me for my looks so there's that.. #sarcasm ;)